Monday, 6 March 2017

The Online Indian Hair Shop [Review]

Hey! This is my first online review for a Online Indian hair shop. All I'm going to do is upload some pictures of the hair and talk very briefly about what I think.

Quality of the Indian Hair?

So as you all might know is I absolutely love Indian hair extensions. I wont use anything else. The quality of my Brazilian hair Indian hair extensions are great. The hair is long thick and silky in texture. I can definitely tell that the hair is original.

How long did it Take?

The company went a bit over the allotted time for delivery, but for the price I really didnt mind. Other companies charge twice what they charge, so I didnt really have much option but to wait.

For ladies that want to look where I got mine follow this link:

Hope you enjoyed my review ladies, come back next week for some more.

Your Girl